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For the past several months a group of Brothers from the Eastern end of our district has been meeting socially to see if there was enough interest to form an OM lodge in our district. They are close to having a sufficient number to petition for a charter now. They have set up By-laws in part based upon the ones from the current Lodges in our district, but modified to meet the needs of an OM Lodge. Once chartered, this lodge will hold quarterly meetings at a location designated in the By-laws for Grand Lodge purposes, but will also be holding meetings on the last Friday of every month at various taverns for collation and Masonic education. The proper attire for attendance will be black suit or tuxedo. The dues structure is based on a pay in advance for attendance at all dinner meetings and is currently set at $500.00 per year. In doing it this way each member is vested in attending all meetings and does not have to further worry about bringing enough cash on a meeting night as he will already be paid in advance. Every meeting will have a presentation on a subject meant to educate and enlighten those in attendance and open discussions will be encouraged during the collations. Officers will not be in a progressive line, but must prove proficiency in the work for the office they wish to run for. Degree work will always be done in full form on a single candidate who has followed the Northstar path, which will include a chamber of reflection for the 1st degree, and the requirement of completing a Master's Piece prior to taking the 3rd.
This is the way Masonry was intended by our founding fathers and I am fully supportive of it. If you feel that this is something you would like to be a part of contact me directly. If you have any questions about Observant Masonry you may address them here. Please note however, that the By-Laws, fees and meeting structure are already set by and for this group and are not open for debate.

Fraternally Yours,
R:.W:. Theodore C. Volkert
District Deputy Grand Master
Otsego-Schoharie District
Grand Lodge of New York