Oneonta Lodge No. 466, F&AM

Meets 1st & 3rd Monday 7:30 pm
3rd Monday September through
1st Monday June
Awards Dinner 3rd Monday June
Oneonta Masonic Temple
322 Main Street
Oneonta, NY 13820-2511
(607) 432-1412
Not a Mason? To become one see
Craft Degrees and Becoming a Freemason
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Officers 2022-2023


Office Officer Contact Committees
Master W∴ Mario G. Sierra 582 Gulf Road
East Meredith , NY 13757
(607)278-5281 mgsierra1229 at aol.com
Relief Administration Budget House
Senior Warden Bro. Maciej T. Zoltowski 347-605-5403 mt.zoltowski at gmail.com Relief Sickness Administration Budget Dues Audit By-Laws Education Membership BrotherHoodFund Youth House
Junior Warden W∴ Randolph J. Miritello II 1170 Kelley Corners Road
Oneonta, NY 13820%%% 607-435-0145 rangelo2 at yahoo.com
Refreshment Awards Relief Sickness Administration Budget Audit Education Membership House
Treasurer W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren
30 Butler St
Oneonta, NY 13820
treasurer466 at gmail.com
(lodge business)
oneontamasonry at gmail.com
(general masonic)
Administration Budget Motel Scholarship Youth
Secretary R∴W∴ Alexander D. Brannan 17 Jackson Ave
Oneonta, NY 13820
(607) 432-4811 alexbrannan at hotmail.com
oneonta466 at gmail.com (lodge business)
Budget Audit Dues House Administration Sickness Education Widows
Trustee 3 yrs W∴ Frederick (Rick) C. Ranc II 26 Forest Ave
Oneonta, NY 13820
607 287 0542 fcranc77 at gmail.com
Trustee 2 yrs Bro. James O. Forbes 1177 Kelley Corners Rd
Oneonta, NY 13820
607-433-9664 Forbesengineering at gmail.com
Trustee 1 yrs V∴W∴ Charles L. Lowe 2 North St
Oneonta, NY 13820
433-2380 PLOWE10 at stny.rr.com
Trustee Emeritus R∴W∴ David F. Stoy, OPC, KYGCH 1 Forester St.
Otego, NY 13825
607-988-2545 dstoy at stny.rr.com


Chaplain Bro. Ronald L. Wood, Sr. 39 Spruce St
Oneonta, NY 13820
607-353-0287 rlw47 at stny.rr.com
Chaplain Bro. Gregory Allen Straut GregoryStraut at yahoo.com 607-988-9125
Marshal Bro. James O. Forbes See above
Senior Deacon Bro. Andrew Leslie Gould algould24 at hotmail.com 607- 437-2113 AuditChair Education Administration
Junior Deacon Bro. Ryan P. DeSantis rdesantis84 at yahoo.com 607-437-7389 Administration Community
Sr. M. of Ceremony Bro. Anthony Curtis Leonardo aleonardo.0828 at gmail.com 607-282-6616 History
Jr. M. of Ceremony George Rodengj at gmail.com 607-206-3637 History
Steward Daniel danieloconnor0903 at gmail.com 607-201-3993 Refreshment
Steward Bro. William Orville Murphy williamorvillemurphy at gmail.com 607-544-4186 Refreshment
Historian W∴ Travis J. Hartwell TravisHartwell25 at yahoo.com 518-578-1418 History
Musician Bro. Kyle Lafever 607-244-0805
Bro. Maciej T. Zoltowski See above
Tiler R∴W∴ Robert V. Hunt, DSA 143 Hansen Rd
Oneonta NY 13820
ginbob21 at verizon.net
Asst. Treasurer R∴W∴ Alexander D. Brannan See above
Asst. Secretary W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren, OPC, KYCH, KTCH See above
Lodge Ritual Director W∴ Travis J. Hartwell See above
Webmaster W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren See above


Relief Master and Wardens
Nominations PMs
Sickness & Distress R∴W∴ Alexander D. Brannan, Senior Warden and Junior Warden
Auditing Senior Deacon, Wardens, W∴ Rick Ranc
LodgeAdministration Master, Wardens, Deacons, W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren, R∴W∴ Alexander D. Brannan
Instruction/Education Senior Deacon, Wardens, R∴W∴ Alexander D. Brannan
Delinquent Dues W∴ Rick Ranc, Senior Warden
Communication All Officers with assistance of the Secretary
Philanthropy W∴ Travis J. Hartwell
-- Brotherhood Fund Senior Warden
-- Scholarship W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren
-- Community Junior Deacon
-- Highway Bro. Ronald L. Wood, Sr.
Surviving Spouses aka Widows R∴W∴ Alexander D. Brannan
House Trustees, Master, Wardens, R∴W∴ Alexander D. Brannan, W∴ Frederick C. Ranc II
Motel W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren
Budget WM, SW, JW, Sec, Treas
By-Laws Senior Warden
Building Fund W∴ Randolph J. Miritello II
Refreshment Junior Warden and Stewards
History W∴ Travis J. Hartwell, Sr. M. of Ceremony, Jr. M. of Ceremony
Membership Wardens
Awards Junior Warden
Youth W∴ Bruce L. Van Buren, Bro. Maciej T. Zoltowski


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