Charles Smith Council No. 324
Allied Masonic Degrees

An Honorary and Invitational Body Dedicated to Masonic Research
Regular Meetings
on 2nd Saturday March, May, October, December

Google Group NYAMD at googlegroups.com
Oneonta Masonic Temple
322 Main St., Oneonta, NY 13820

Ilion Masonic Temple
118 Morgan St, Ilion, NY 13357

Past Sovereign Masters

1979GFY Fred G. Hickein
1982GHK Charles W. Smith
1992GHK David D. Goodwin
1995-96 James W. Hemstrought, Jr.
1998 Hugh R. Price, Jr
1999 David F. Stoy
2000 Edward S. Newsham
2002-03 Francis K. Wilcox
2007 PA129 Bruce L. VanBuren
2007 Ronald W. White
2009 John R. Nealis, II
2010 Michael T. Dunn
2011 Robert C. Del Buono
2012 Stuart W. Card
2013 Dennis A. Breheny
2014 Dennis S. Davis
2015 Richard S. Transue
2016 Rolland A Miner
2017 Richard S. Transue
2018 Phillip J. Chandler

Former Members

Wilmer E Bresee died 01/16/1997
Wayne E Carrington died 03/21/2010
Arden W Coe died 08/4/2006
Richard E. Eades Died 03/12/2014
Donald R. Galarneau Died 07/25/2014
Paul T Henry, Sr died 12/12/2005
Douglas W Holbrook died 10/31/2006
John J Kuczynski Resigned 5/20/2012
Rev Allen C. Lang Resigned 3/12/2016
Calvin A May, Jr died 05/07/1998
Ferris T Middlemast died 01/18/1997
William H Olmsted died 08/28/1998
Arthur F. Pierce Resigned 3/12/2016
Frank Polchlopek died 10/12/2010
Charles J. Reilly died 03/16/2004
Donald N. Short died 09/15/2010
Jerry F. Tryon died 06/18/2008