Elias Light
John F Perkins
Robert Scanling
Denisen R Boice
Thomas L Gault
Edward B Shove
Elliot Barns
Lorin R Boyce
William H Whitney
Thomson K Mosher
George E Bixby
Alexander W Hand
Edward J Platt
James O Baker
Robert W Hopkins
Martin Van Luven
Henry Gregory

Explanation for 3 questionable name spellings. I have reviewed the Original Register of members of Oneonta Lodge @466. The 3rd name on listing has formerly been spelled as SCANLON but there is definitely a “t” in the name. I need to return to the Oneonta Room of Huntington Library and research the spelling of Robert Scantling and
Edward B Shorr. I spent considerable time to find the spelling of Martin Van Luven, who is included in the census of 1860, as a resident of Catskill, Greene County

Revisions of 9/21/2009
I believe the person that inscribed the names in the Original Register of Oneonta Lodge
had beautiful script, but not too decipherable, by21st century person, FGH.

In review, I accept Robert Scanling(it might be Scanlling),
correct Shorr to be Edward B Shove;
Lorin R Boyce NOT Boice,
and still believe it is Martin Van Luven, as this is the only name I could locate in the reference materials with the first name of Martin in the “Van’s”

Regards, Fred

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