8th Capitular District
Royal Arch Masons

R∴ E∴ John P. Murray (254) DDGHP
914-419-6088 loganj54 at yahoo.com
V∴ E∴ George R. Thompson AGL
thompgr at gmail.com
E∴ Alexander D. Brannan (277) Charity Chairman
607-432-4811 alexbrannan at hotmail.com
R∴ E∴ Kim C. Dellow (29) Education Officer
607 745-1299 kim.c.dellow at gmail.com

Western Broome Chapter No. 322

8thNews District Events.

2020 Schedule

Convocations 9:30 am: 3rd Saturday, Sept-Jun. Breakfast 8:30 am.

Jan 18 Introduction to Chapter All
Feb 15 Review of Royal Arch Degrees Hill
Mar 5-7 Grand Convocation Albany
Mar 28 The Triple Tau and Tetregammatron Goldman
Apr 18 Origin and History of RAM Goodwin
May 21 Practice Mark Master Degree All
June 20 Steak Roast tentative

2021 Officers

R∴E∴ Charles L. Hill III High Priestcelestialartist@yahoo.com
E∴ F. David Patch Kingpatch@ieee.org
Stephen Page Scribe
Tim McMullin Treasurer
E∴ Scott G. Kinne Secretary scott.kinne at gmail.com
Joseph Goldman Captain of the Host
E∴ Marty DeVault Principal Sojourner
Gerald Putman Royal Arch Captain
E∴ Ray Sullivan Master of the Third Veil
Jon Loudermilk Master of the Second Veil
E∴ Paul E. Uhlman Master of the First Veil uhlmanpe at hotmail.com
R∴ E∴ Jose Valencia Chaplain
Derek Bryant Sentinel
Trustee 3 years
Trustee 2 years
Trustee 1 year

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